Friday, 18 August 2017

A VSF walker

This was quite a simple little build for a mate who has some similar vehicles, but smaller. The only brief really was to make this one bigger.

The original ones were laser cut in the main with a few small details from styrene to give them a bit of character. The same was the same for this one. Weapons were from The Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company whom I can heartily recommend and they have a very useful selection of Victorian period weapons.

The bottom was sprayed with Humbrol aluminium and the top with French Blue (even though it's a British contraption lol ). The whole lot was washed with the brown GW ink (can't remember the name) and then the respective areas were drybrushed up. Rust ink was applied and a few smudges of weathering powders and it was good to go.


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A journey to the Empire

The Games Workshop fantasy setting that is.

I've always like the original figures for the GW range, along with the setting and to some extent the first plastics (and metal additions for it) and so I though it was time to get out some very old builds and begin to finish them off.

The first one was started in 2004 and got to a certain point in 2005 and then just sat there, collecting dust... Quite a lot of it lol.

I'll be doing them one at a time in amongst other commissions and projects but as I am really pleased with how this one turned out I'm hoping to get them all finished to a similar state.

The only problem is the 6mm mdf base but it was too much work to remove it so the remaining ones will have to have the same thick bases to match. I'm thinking for gaming bards to have a selection of 300mm squares with various features that can be cast to save me going mad sticking the floor slabs on.

The main construction is card and balsa with some resin bits here and that and the roof tiles are card and stuck on one at a time... I won't be doing that again in a hurry lol

The things left to do for finishing were one half of the roof, the tower roof, about a third of the balsa wood and painting. When I get a few more done I'll take some pictures with some of the old metal Empire figures as I am painting them at the same time, along with some Skaven enemies.


Wednesday, 28 June 2017

10mm German stables/barn

Got another 10mm commission for you and this time it's a wagon stables.

Basically the same construction methods as the last ones I've done in 10mm and the same sort of brief, which was fairly open but requirements for certain sized bases to fit on the model and for there to be a couple of trees (which always look good on models). No wip photos I'm afraid this time as it was a fairly quick build but like the rest it's on a 120mm base of 3mm MDF.


Friday, 23 June 2017

Another Chinese building base

I should've posted this when it was finished but typically I forgot :-/

It's a smaller one than the last but the same principles apply. I've also got another three different types of Chinese rural buildings on the go for the catalogue and when they are moulded I'll no doubt make some more building bases.

And here are a couple of quick shots with both bases together and some Japanese infantry.


Monday, 1 May 2017

Wandering into China

Not a holiday post unfortunately but one regarding the Boxer Rebellion.

I've got a few Japanese infantry in the catalogue now and a new sculptor who is keen to carry on the range (watch this space) and my interest in the period is heightening, especially after the come down after Salute lol

Got some new buildings in the Chinese section and working on several more including more walls and I thought it might be good to put them on one of my building bases.

A basic layout was chosen basing it on the standard Chinese courtyard house but only having catalogue buildings in it, I think it worked quite well.

The buildings were given a spray base coat of a cream colour and then washed with a brown ink. The roofs and ruined sections of plaster were painting a light grey and then washed with a green/brown ink, drybrushed with a lighter grey than the base coat. Groundwork was added as normal wall filler first and then my gloop mix to the outside and painted with suitable ground colours.

Then the fun bit happened, the details and the growies (always my favorite part of a build). The main doors were painted red and everything was suitably weathered. A few trees in the courtyard, some tufts and a couple of flowers at the front and we're go to go :-)